Short Bites program

Short focused 3 hour workshops that introduce you to specific design tools. This is an opportunity to learn in short bites and then apply to your own business as you go.  You can move through each from beginning to end or you can pick and choose depending on where your organisation is at.

Or we can build a specific session for your needs.

Here are some of our current Short Bite programs

  • I am, We are: Understanding your purpose
  • Unpacking the customer/consumer: how to uncover latent needs
  • Empathy Matters: Importance of building empathy, Customer engagement
  • What If..: Idea generation & brainstorming
  • Tell me story: Creating and using narratives
  • Execute: Business Model Innovation and experiments
  • Working together: Collaborative Canvas

Kairos Now will work with you to create futures that will make a difference for your customers.