What we offer

We believe that great ideas and successful organisations are driven by empathy for and partnerships with customers.

We create environments, opportunities and conversations of discovery.

Our consulting and coaching programs designed for you will build organisational capability and solve your real problems. We train, we coach, we mentor and we “do”.

Develop skills to reframe problems, build empathy, experiment to test to learn. Develop mindsets and ways of working that encourage creative empowerment, curiosity and inquiry.

Work within our customised programs

These programs build capability and understanding in how to create and deliver value to your customers and consumers.

Our in-house strategy workshops are developed specifically for you and your organisation.

Short focused 3 hour workshops that introduce you to specific design tools.

Co-design and shape something for you

Use our team and expertise when you don’t have the inhouse time or  expertise

We facilitate your workshops so that you, as one team, work together and make aligned decisions.

Considered a thought leader in Healthcare Design thinking, Jane is an experienced and captivating presenter.

Access latest research and our recommended reading list.

Kairos Now will work with you to create futures that will make a difference for your customers.