Oh….. Redesigning Future Health is Everyone’s Responsibility.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been ramping up the conversation about the future of health and how we can co-design for better outcomes.  All in the lead up to our Vivid Idea’s event : ‘Dare to Design Future Healthcare’.

Interestingly initial responses often started with “I’m not in the health industry…..”

Why are we all so happy to leave it to the “Health Industry” to redesign our future? Think about a time that you or a friend/family member needed health related expertise. What other services and industries were involved? How could you have made it better?

Your personal and professional experiences (be it education, construction, finance, insurance, transport, food, telecommunications, travel,  anything) are all important in redesigning this ecosystem.

The people I am working with in health are increasingly looking outward, co-designing with partners and appreciating that ecosystem exists.  They know that health is more than health. It’s about choice, lifestyle, community, personal goals. We all need to take responsibility for this, look outward, make connections and partner with them.

If you thought the Dare to Design event was not for you then think again.  Ask yourself:  How could my industry help my family access, interact or partner with their health providers? What do I need to think about to make it happen?

Initiate your own ‘OH….” moment.

Still not sure – here’s a cheat sheet to get you thinking. Call me on 0403 228 676 if you would like to discuss your industry and health.

Make sure you book today & Dare to Design as places are running out

Dare to Design Health Collaboration Cheat Sheet
Industry, ideas or experience relating to

Why does it matter?
Internet infrastructure eg NBN, Google, internet providersHow do patients communicate virtually? For treatment, for support etc
How important are social networks?
If you are housebound how do you shop for the basics – food, clothing, toilet paper etc?
Finance industryWhat are the financial implications of having a chronic disease? How could we make it simpler without prejudice?
How could you proactively reduce financial stress that comes with paying for treatment?

What are the implications of travelling with a chronic disease?
What does it mean to have to claim on your income and trauma insurance?
How effective is private health insurance – what do patient really want to be covered for?
Clothing & other retail industries
What products in my industry would be valuable for a person with a chronic disease? How does their disease affect their buying motivations and access to retail?
If you are housebound how do you shop for the basics – food, clothing, toilet paper etc?
How does an ongoing condition affect or drive the type of food needed/wanted?
How important is food in and out of hospital stays?
Digital and technologyHow can technology make life easier?
Transport Infrastructure, Travel, Holiday servicesHow do patients with chronic conditions or disabilities get around – socially or for health appointment? How do we make it easier? Should transport be redesigned too?
What are the implications of holiday travel?
Education and careersWhat happens to patient’s & carers learning experiences when we are dealing with a chronic condition?
How can their goal and dreams still be achieved?
Your industryLets discuss and explore