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Positive Deviance and Co-design
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Vivid Dare to Design

We are back at Vivid Ideas  
Join us on Friday 2nd June for a day of co-design and collaboration 

Calling all patients, consumers, carers, health workers, service deliverers and policy shapers to join us at this years’ Vivid Idea’s Dare to Design Event.

We’re excited to announce that Kairos Now will again play host to an inspiring and thought-provoking Vivid Ideas workshop on Friday 2 June 2017. If you’re interested in helping us shape future healthcare for Australia, then this is the event for you.
We have a number of leading experts who will share their experiences addressing complex problems with new approaches before we use a design thinking approach to discover, together, what is needed to make Australia’s new world of integrated public health ‘work’. Read more here
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“You are not listening to me!”
Where does co-design really begin?

 The use of Design Thinking or Human Centred Design is commonly used in the innovation process within healthcare. Building empathy and co-designing with the people that matter is key throughout this process.
Consumers want to be part of solutions; they expect to be engaged and active in their health and healthcare. They are the experts in themselves and they want to be listened to. Often consumers and staff develop “work arounds” so that their needs are satisfied – if no-one is listening they will implement their own solution. 

Some great examples include
  • a consumer designing her own patient card which she continually used whenever seeing her extended care team
  • a consumer designing and using a clinician questionnaire before deciding on his surgeon for a brain tumour.
  • a clinician adapting the standard blood pressure trolley and a vomit bag to keep things tidy 

Are you listening, observing and absorbing the world around you?

Where has innovation happened around you that can also be used for the system approach to change?
If you would like to learn more about this type of innovation and co-design
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Test Drive New Tools

We are always building new tools. Would you like to try them out in your workplace?
All the tools we share are used in our Design in Action and Short Bite programs

Click here to ask for the TEEM  tool fact sheet and template to try. We will ask you how the tool worked for you and how you used it. 

The Experience Empathy Map for Individual Design

In the everyday setting, and with the need to provide personalised service or care, we have developed The Experience Empathy Map (TEEM). 

When solving organisational problems, we typically use the Persona tool as a construct of many people to understand the problem they are united on.

Providing a service that caters for individuals requires adjusted tools that enable you and your team to design personalised services and care.

We have developed the TEEM for this purpose. It is
  • ideal for individual care scenarios
  • a conversation tool for the team to understand the situation and define what is possible
  • a conversation tool to use and co-design the solution with the consumer
  • a tool for teams to use to explore new internal processes
The TEEM can be completed quickly and empower you & your team to reframe a specific problem and design a better individual outcome for the people that matter.
We are building a community of creative thinkers, health professionals and entrepreneurs who value exploring what really matters to customers, consumers and patients.  Join our  Linkedin Group to discuss further your ideas and continue to network with those who are keen to “Reimagine the Future of Healthcare”.
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Kairos is a Greek word that refers to a time when conditions are right for the accomplishment of a crucial action: the opportune and decisive moment.
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For those of you who are meeting Kairos Now for the first time, a little introduction..... 

Kairos Now was born out of our belief that great ideas and successful organisations are driven by empathy for and partnerships with customers, consumers and patients.  We create environments, opportunities and conversations of discovery so that you can create futures that will make a difference.