Designing Healthcare : How we can help

We help you to discover differently.  We enable you to think through the lenses of different perspectives, bring our creativity, knowledge and experience to the design table. We understand Quality Improvement and project implementation in complex healthcare systems

We do this by putting the patient at the centre. By embedding empathy and co-design within the extended IHI Triple Aim Framework, we can help you to identify ways to reduce costs, improve the patient experience, ensure care team wellbeing and ensure greater population health.

Understanding a rapidly changing healthcare environment matched with a finger on the innovation pulse

Healthcare is rapidly changing, technology is moving at lightning speed, innovation is a necessity.  We understand the challenges and constraints of the current healthcare environment but help you to stretch your thinking, move out of your comfort zone and into a new realm of thinking.

An aging population, an increase in lifestyle and diet-related health problems, rising patient expectations, higher costs, limited resources. These are some of the challenge’s Australia, and indeed the rest of the world, is facing.

Patients and families are no longer passive recipients of their healthcare.  As participatory consumers they want to be partners in their health and treatment. Innovations, change and transformation need to be designed with patients and families, in order to deliver solutions that are simple and profound.

Successful innovation and design of healthcare systems needs to simultaneously achieve:

  • A better patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction)
  • Improve the health of populations: and
  • Reduce the per capita cost of health care.



Kairos Now are experts at ensuring the consumer and families are kept at the centre of the design process