2017 Vivid Ideas Dare to Design : Re-imagining Healthcare

Thank you for joining us at the 2017 Vivid Ideas Dare to Design| Reimagining Future Healthcare session

The tools you used on the day are a subset of the Kairos Now Design in Action tool kit for solving wicked problems. They are a starting place for you to develop a growth mindset and also start solving problems with a different perspective.

Access elements of our summary below by hovering over the section you are interested in or send us a note here if you would like more information.

Resources can be downloaded below.

Use them after you have interviewed or spoken to the people you are designing FOR & WITH

Kairos Now creates environments, opportunities and conversations of discovery. Our consulting and coaching programs designed for you will build organisational capability and solve your real problems. We train, we coach, we mentor and we “do”.

We have programs and masterclasses to help you develop skills to reframe problems, build empathy, experiment to test to learn. Develop mindsets and ways of working that encourage creative empowerment, curiosity and inquiry. We also help you build implementation plans, models of care and  business models  for execution.

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