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AICD: Diversity and Women for board roles

AICD is running a series around diversity and women for Board roles. Here’s the first one that talks to my experience – look out for future articles with other inspirational women Creating a legacy Jane Cockburn has a career spanning a number of different sectors and countries. She talks to Domini Stuart about the importance […]

You say you are customer centric – are you really?

The phrase “customer centricity” is a bit like “innovative”. Organisations say they are but there doesn’t seem to be any activity that exhibits it. Empathy is a key tenet of being customer led or customer inspired. Is empathy for your customers embedded in your culture?   Here’s three easy ways to show that you are […]

Six Ways to Be a Design Thinking Disruptor

Are you an organisation that is extremely efficient in what you have always done but sales are lagging or plateauing –  so you cut costs and your prices? Are you a product only based organisation and your customers are continually asking for more of you? Are you an organisation that has not changed for a […]

One Easy Way To Be More Creative In Everyday Business.

Is Creativity & Innovation being held back by your documentation?  In a recent innovation program I was running, simple table templates were provided to enable participants to gather and communicate relevant information to their team and sponsor. As people progressed through the program and used the tables provided, I found that often they were “stuck”, […]

You want to be Customer-centric – why not use “design”?

Successful designers are typically remembered for the beautiful things they make that have function as well as form. They excel at delivering the emotional connection we have with products – and that is why we buy. This can be applied to all types of businesses and types of problems – it is not just about […]

In-House Innovation Capability and Empathy – it’s closer than you think

Creating Value through Innovation So often, people think innovation only applies to products, but there’s a lot of other things that you can innovate. Research from Doblin shows us that other types of innovations are often a better return on investment measured as value creation. This includes such things as new business models, customer experience […]