Redesigning our health system needs people from every industry and every lived experience to advise the policy makers and experts.

Its not about the condition, we needed treated – its how we live, laugh and interact with families and communities that make the difference to everyone’s experience.

Explore this problem from a different angle, have your voice heard and get so much more…

3. Ignite your creativity and problem solving by using some key Design Thinking techniques.

You will use  personas, journey mapping, insights, brainstorming, collaboration canvas. Take your new learnings and use again with your colleagues for other problems.

4. Start thinking about how your industry & lived experience can shape the future health ecosystem.

Help create how our neighbours, friends and family with chronic conditions can live and interact within our communities from home while still  accessing expert care.

Your experiences and your industry ideas should be considered.

5. Apply what you know and feel, shape your existing ideas to a real challenge that affects us all.

Do you have knowledge relating to  things like transport & mobility, information, medication, financial security, insurance, wellness, food, socialisation and communities? It is all important and involved in how future healthcare will be shaped.

Redesigning public health is not just relevant for the health industry – it’s involves all of us. From those that experience it everyday to professionals in other industries. Join us on the day.

Only 4 weeks to go – register here